The team at Lochridge-Priest, Inc. is made up of mechanical and plumbing engineering professionals, with extensive knowledge of HVAC, refrigeration, piping, prefabrication and BIM. Our talented team provides solutions for projects across the full spectrum of Lochridge-Priest, Inc. services.

Mechanical Engineering Services

The mechanical engineers at Lochridge-Priest, Inc. bring deep and professional industry knowledge in heating, air conditioning, ventilation and energy efficiency. We are always looking for the newest technologies to develop systems that are cutting edge and budget friendly.

Mechanical engineering services include:

  • Building cooling and heating loads.
  • Mechanical system design including central plant, chilled water/hot water, VAV, VRF, DX, ground source heat pumps, chilled beam, etc.
  • Industrial ventilation and piping systems.
  • Energy analysis

Electrical Engineering Services

Our experts can assess your electrical needs and provide full service solutions from powering lights to computers and complex machinery.

Electrical engineering services include:

  • Full lighting and power systems.
  • Telephone, data, security, and fire alarm systems.
  • Backup generators.
  • Coordination with utility services.

Plumbing Engineering Services

Lochridge-Priest, Inc. not only provides exceptional quality in plumbing repairs and services, but we also specialize in a full range of plumbing engineering. If you are looking at a facility remodel or new build, a plumbing engineer will ensure the plumbing systems are designed properly, installed correctly and work efficiently.

Plumbing engineering services include:

  • Sanitary systems including grease and/or oil interceptors.
  • Domestic systems including backflow prevention, water heaters, and emergency eyewash stations.
  • Roof drain, compressed air, natural gas, and medical gas systems.
  • Fixture selection.
  • Coordination with utility services.

Lochridge-Priest, Inc. uses cutting-edge technology to strategically seek solutions for your commercial and industrial needs.

If the service you are requesting is not listed above, give us a call. We have experience in a wide range of projects and will offer you a solution. When you partner with us, you receive the very best in expertise, quality and customer satisfaction.

Call 1-800-460-1562 to discuss how we can help you engineer a system that works for you.

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Working at Lochridge-Priest, Inc. provides a rewarding experience, offering competitive pay, comprehensive benefits and a culture of friendly and professional team members.

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